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About Terry Duff

Terry Duff has been helping Internet Marketers and home based business owners build bigger businesses since 2003. The real question is, "Is Terry Duff a scam or can he really help you?"

I don't blame you for being skeptical and doing your due diligence. That's a good thing and more people should be doing it.

Let's dive in and discuss Terry Duff's history and where he comes from.

Terry Duff grew up just west of Phoenix in Surprise, AZ. His family did not have a lot of financial resources and he decided at a young age, he wanted more. He wanted the ability to live life on his terms and not be financially dependent on an employer anything that could be "released" at any time.

After attempting a few home based businesses in the early to mid 90's he realized everything he was doing was wrong. Although he was doing everything he was taught and instructed to do, it just wasn't working out.

Is Terry Duff a scam? Keep reading...

Finally, in 1998 he finally had a glimmer of success. From his 1 bedroom apartment, he began making more in a week than many make in a month.

Since then, he's been refining his skills, constantly testing and tweaking marketing campaigns and always looks for ways to improve his ROI.

Since 2003, Terry Duff has helped more than 15,000 clients improve their marketing, be more relevant in the market place, generate more leads and convert more of their leads into customers and clients.

Some might say that Terry Duff is a scam. I don't believe that he is. He's the founder of Winning Marketing Solutions, LLC and takes a tremendous amount of pride in ensuring his clients get results for their business.

Some people may not like his teaching style - he's straight forward, tells it like it is and lets you know early on that his methods and teachings require a solid work ethic. He promotes working hard AND working smart. He's not one of those fly by night characters - he's been around the block a few times, he's seen the Internet evolve and completely change itself - several times.

Due your research on Terry Duff and I think you'll come to the same conclusion that he is not a scam.

Take care and good luck to you.